Fasting and cooking


Pinterest is evil if you believe in fasting, yet for some reason I often findyself there on a fasting day. It’s a pictorial feast of recipe ideas and when I’m sitting in the crow house kitchen of an evening it’s too easy to allow my fingers to lead me there. Particularly when my stomach is growling.
I’m thinking about this now on the way home because I want to add a few recipes to the blog when I get home, and I am wondering if it will lead to similar torment as pinterest to my poor fasting stomach.
I fast two days a week, or rather, two days a week are 450 calory days. The reasons for fasting are myriad and certainly far broader than simple weight loss, something I’m not actually fussed about. With a family history of cancer and heart disease I have discovered that fasting is my best bet to avoid those twin horsemen. When I have time, I’ll link to the Horizon documentary that explains the science, “eat, fast, and live longer” because it’s truly engaging stuff.
But what about food on these fasting days? Soup is the key, friends, soup and oatcakes! Today’s soup, which is awaiting me in the fridge, is tomato and basil. It’s low calorie, high nutrient soup which is very satisfying. I will post the recipe all in good time, but for now, it’s time to look out of the bus window and think of something else, because cooking and fasting are not a good combination!


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