Quorn Bolognese and black hair dye


Soft black specifically, which is really more of a dark, dusky brown.  It’s quite a change from the pale blonde, but life is about change, n’est pas?

To celebrate Valentines Day and a change of image, I made Spaghetti Bolognese, and decided it was time to share this old Crow House favourite.  We like our food colourful in this house, and this recipe is a prime example!  This serves tree of us with a generous helping of leftovers for baked potatoes and such the next day.

Edit: Quorn Vegan mince or Tesco’s own vegetarian mince are great for making this recipe Vegan. Personally,  I prefer the Tesco mince.



1 300g bag of frozen Quorn mice (or 75g of dry Soya Mince)

1 carton (500g) of Herb Passata

1 carton (380g) of Red Kidney Beans, drained

1 Red Onion

3 or 4 cloves of Garlic

3tbs of Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper to taste

a dash of (vegetarian) Worcester Sauce

a sprinkle of cajun spice (paprika will do)

2 tsps of Sundried Tomato Paste

65g of green beans

70g of Sweetcorn

100g of coloured, diced peppers

2 roughly chopped tomatoes

1 1/2 tsps of Oregano

1 1/2 tsps of basil

1 tsp of swiss boullion

100 of dry pasta per person



Prepare pasta as per the instructions on the packet.

Chop onions, garlic, pepper, tomato and green beans.  Heat wok or large frying pan to a medium heat and add onions, worcester sauce and salt.  Cook until tender – approximately 4 mins.  Add Quorn Mince, fresh tomato, garlic, sweetcorn, kidney beans and green beans and turn up heat slightly.  Mix well and cook for 7 to 8 minutes, until the Quorn mince is fully thawed.  Add peppers, herbs, spices, tomato paste, stock  and pasatta then cook for a further 8 minutes.



Spoon sauce on top of spaghetti, sprinkle with cheese and parmesan.  We use a vegan parmesan because ordinary parmesan isn’t actually vegetarian!  Another thing we do with the left overs is to add chilli sauce and serve it up hot with tortilla chips.  Makes a very tasty, quick lunch!





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