Six months in Politics Land


I don’t know how significant this year is to everyone of you lovely folks who’ve taken the time to read my wee blog, but to me and my compatriots this year is extremely significant. This year, for the first time ever, Scottish people are being consulted on whether we wish to be part of the Union that created the UK or if we’d prefer to be independent.
I believe passionately in Scottish Independence and have done for most if my life. I believe because I know that Scottish folk are the folk who should be deciding Scotland’s future. Not because I am “anti-english” or harbour resentments and prejudices, but because Scotland is largely rural, social democratic, egalitarian and differently motivated from the rUk. That is a fact that has been played out in every election, Scottish, British and European, that I have witnessed in my life. The majority of our MPs are not members of either Co-alition party and it has been demonstrated that every UK general election result since WW2 would have been unaffected by the  removal of the Scottish vote.
So, as a consequence, over the next six months I will be posting a great deal about the Referendum. Consider this your advance warning!!



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