How it went


My stall complete with info board! Thanks to Iain for help with that!

It wasn’t the busiest market today, and I didn’t make a profit but I did cover my costs.
Was it worth it?  Absolutely.  I learned a lot of  things and now know what I need to do next
— A small amount of samples would be a good idea. Yes, it will eat into what I make,  but I am pretty confident about the taste and texture of my oatcakes so I am positive once most people have a taste,  they will be encouraged to buy.
— I need to add that they are not suitable for coeliacs to my sign.
— Need a best before date (they keep at least 2 weeks,  but I think I will say 10 days in future, just to be sure.
— I think biscuits would be a wise addition.  I have a good recipe to work with. 
— Anyone who has bought/tasted them before bought some and I had good feedback from them.
— My mum’s wonderful display attracted a good bit of attention,  so that is a definite bonus.
I now have a possibility of selling them at the local shop, so that’s a major bonus.  Hopefully that will become a regular order!
All in all, I am pleased and exhausted!


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