Gardening and philosophy : update


The sun has dared to shine two days in a row,  thus drawing me out to put my baby veggies into their beds.


Glass corn in the deep bed

All the glass corn in a row. A rogue slug has nibbled on one of the smaller ones. Must get crushed shells down to deter them!


Little gems and runner beans

All the french beans and lettuces now out. The lettuces needed a bit more breathing space.


Carrot Bath

It was too bright to see the screen on my phone,  but it looks like I managed to get a pic of the carrots in their bath.


Winter Purple Broccoli

These are the winter broccoli.  Just like the carrots I’ve cut slits in weed guard to plant them into. Hopefully this means minimal weeding! The broccoli are still in their original pots, I’ve just cut the bottom off to minimise root disturbance and maximise root depth. 


Summer Broccoli

This stuff will be ready by September.


Tomatoes in the greenhouse

Tomatoes also planted with their original pots. Again deeper roots, but also better moisture retention. 


Chilli peppers in double pots for root depth.  Still a few to be potted up. Iain found another stash of deep pots today while garden tidying.
Everything is watered and in it’s oroper place now. Lots of zero food miles, organic,  homegrown veg just waiting for summer!  Fingers crossed. 


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