Farmer’s Market again


So it was market day again today. I missed the last one, I think because of post #brexit blues, but tried to make up for it today by trialling my Chocolate Fudge cake. I’ve worked on the recipe and I’m pretty pleased with the result.

Every last bit of that sold,  so I shall declare that a winner. 

The stall looked rather nice today. The cake was quite as eye catcher, so definitely worth it. I may consider taking orders for whole cakes for resale, feel free to contact me  via my Facebook page if you are interested. 

The oatcakes also sold well again. there’s only a small supply left at Wright’s shop, so be sure to grab them quick if you missed the market today! 




I detailed earlier in the year the experimental method I was trying with my tomatoes and peppers. While the peppers don’t seem to have liked it so much, the tomatoes are having a field day with it!

Sticks with tomatoes!

Gold and red all giein it laldy!

The best bunch!

Bath carrots also thriving!