Vegan pesto


Have guests over tonight,  so I made up a batch of Pesto up. I added hemp seed to this for the Omega oils.

Ingredients :

1 30g pack of fresh basil leaves
3 cloves of Garlic
10 g hemp seeds
150g pine nuts
45g flaked almonds
45g pumpkin seeds
175ml olive oil
1tbsp lemon juice
Salt and pepper to taste

Blitz the basil, garlic and hemp seeds first in a blender, then once well mixed, start adding the other ingredients in small batches. Continue to blitz until most of the ingredients are well blended together. I like to leave a portion of the pine nuts to last so there are a few roughly chopped pieces throught it for a satisfying texture .


Tipsy red fruit salad


Mmm, whisky and Raspberries! Scottish as ocht!

After having creamy pasta earlier because I found the recipe again on my blog, I decided to round dinner off with my favourite way of having Raspberries.  Since there were also some gorgeous Angus Strawberries in the fridge I threw them together. I’m calling this tipsy because of the whisky, which I like to add along with local honey (not mass produced!  I use Urr Valley which comes from 10 miles away) to give them a flavour like in a Cranachan. The honey can easily be switched with maple syrup or agave, although both come all the way from the Americas so aren’t terribly carbon conscious here in Scotland.  Anyway, here’s the ingredient list for one portion!

20g Strawberries
20g Raspberries
1 teaspoon local honey

1 teaspoon blended Scottish Whisky

Chop the fruit, pour on honey and whisky, stir and eat!
Sometimes I also add a sprinkle of pinhead oatmeal.

Oat Scones


Served up hot with dairy free marge! Yum!

It’s been a while since I posted a recipe, so I decided to post about my favourite breakfast scone. These are super easy to make and tasty with just about anything! 
When I became aware of my wheat allergy, I spent a lot of time experimenting with baking as the wheat free (and gluten free ) breads and rolls available at the time were really too dry and and sweet for my tastes, but sometimes I just get a  need for something quick and satisfying.  I remembered that when I was a Teenager we used to make these simple breads with plain flour, so I got the recipe from my mum and swapped in white spelt flour to begin with.  It worked perfectly, so I started experimenting with flavourings and other flours for different uses.
After quite some time, I perfected the varient below as a breakfast bread. It uses fine oatmeal to make it particularly satisfying. This recipe makes just one bread, but it’s easy to scale up.


I use a griddle, but a dry and heavy frying pan works just as well.

Ingredients :
                        1/4 cup or 32g Wholemeal spelt flour
                        1/4 cup or 32g fine oatmeal
                        1/4 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
                        1/4 teaspoon of salt


Put the dry ingredients into the bowl.


Carefully add water to the side of the bowl. Mix in a little at a time


You should end up with a reasonably soft, slightly stick ball of dough.


Make sure your pan/griddle is warmed up to a medium heat. Flatten the dough out in your hands into a rough circle.


Turn it once it no longer sticks. Keep turning it regularly until it's golden brown. Should take just over five minutes.

If you gently press the sides and the bread springs back rather than denting,  it should be cooked through. 


Once it's properly cooked through it has a nice bready texture. Spread it with what you fancy! Best served hot 🙂

They are great with (quorn) bacon and sausages too. Happy eating!

Making crisps and dip for the Vigil


It’s election day again, with the promise of plenty car crash TV overnight, so we need snacks for the vigil.
I made my usual lemon and coriander houmous – with just a teaspoon of oil to keep the calories low. I also experimented with oven baked pepper crisps.

I sliced 3 medium sized potatoes up into fairly thin slices then soaked them in salted lemon water For a while in the fridge.  Then I turned them into a roasting dish, added 2 teaspoons of pepper, two teaspoons of spelt flour, one teaspoon of salt and 2 tablespoons oil. Once that was thoroughly coated, I put them in the oven @220°c


They might still have been a bit thick, but they are looking good. Early tests indicate they are definitely peppery enough.


Looking good with the houmous!
So it’s time to kill time till the polls close.

Another cake experiment


This is Apple and Cinnamon cake this time. I’m baking it for my mum cos we’re having pie at her house for dinner tonight.


Fresh from the oven. Used less marge, more syrup and a wee bit of additional bicarb than in previous vegan cakes. Also used a wee but of wholemeal spelt in place of some of the white spelt. It’s risen better than previous cakes so far.

The structure has held up perfectly when I transferred it from the base of the baking tin.


With Coffee Fudge sauce

And now I’ve covered it in coffee fudge sauce. It’s looking rather yummy.

Cake experiments


Recently I’ve been experimenting using apple as an egg replacer. I’ve made several eggless chocolate cakes using applesauce and it seems to be going pretty well.


I think that might have been the first attempt there, but they have all come out much the same.  Absolutely delicious,  but loaded with calories!

Anyway,  today I’m trying sweet potato instead of apple (although I did chicken out and use a little applesauce to bolster it.
Fresh out of the oven and it’s looking delicious. 



I’ll do buttercream icing for it. The crumbs tasted awesome.

The finished cake!

Making Morrocan for dinner


And I found this flatbread recipe here.

For the flatbread
200g/7¼oz plain flour
1 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp ground coriander
½ tsp ground cinnamon
water, to bind
pinch of salt

Going to switch up the flour for spelt for me and tipo 00 for the boys, then make falafel and chickpea and tomato stew to go with. And cous cous.

Why I decided to share, I’m not sure, but I’ll post a pic of the result.