Tipsy red fruit salad


Mmm, whisky and Raspberries! Scottish as ocht!

After having creamy pasta earlier because I found the recipe again on my blog, I decided to round dinner off with my favourite way of having Raspberries.  Since there were also some gorgeous Angus Strawberries in the fridge I threw them together. I’m calling this tipsy because of the whisky, which I like to add along with local honey (not mass produced!  I use Urr Valley which comes from 10 miles away) to give them a flavour like in a Cranachan. The honey can easily be switched with maple syrup or agave, although both come all the way from the Americas so aren’t terribly carbon conscious here in Scotland.  Anyway, here’s the ingredient list for one portion!

20g Strawberries
20g Raspberries
1 teaspoon local honey

1 teaspoon blended Scottish Whisky

Chop the fruit, pour on honey and whisky, stir and eat!
Sometimes I also add a sprinkle of pinhead oatmeal.