#Homebaked yumminess for #FarmersMarket


Yep, that time of the month again! Yesterday afternoon I baked my Plain oatcakes, so today was the turn of the Garlic and Herb ones. 

Ingredients all gathered!

The best smelling dough by miles. Mmmm

First couple of batches cooling with you the box of Plain.

All done.

I have only sampled one, but it was delicious. Next step is to box them up once they are cool to let them settle for a day or two. Packaging on Friday night!

See you Saturday. There will also be cake! 

Just a bit like this! Mmm, vegan chocolate fudge cake.


Farmer’s Market again


So it was market day again today. I missed the last one, I think because of post #brexit blues, but tried to make up for it today by trialling my Chocolate Fudge cake. I’ve worked on the recipe and I’m pretty pleased with the result.

Every last bit of that sold,  so I shall declare that a winner. 

The stall looked rather nice today. The cake was quite as eye catcher, so definitely worth it. I may consider taking orders for whole cakes for resale, feel free to contact me  via my Facebook page if you are interested. 

The oatcakes also sold well again. there’s only a small supply left at Wright’s shop, so be sure to grab them quick if you missed the market today! 

Market day





It went pretty well today.  The Garlic and Herb sold out, and this is all that’s left of the Sundried Tomato and Plain flavour.
I used samples today, and while I know they helped with sales, I really didn’t need a lot of samples at all. I think I used 5 oatcakes altogether. 
The suitcase drew a lot of attention too, I think it sold more oatcakes than the samples did.
Quite pleased now, I think I earned some chill time!



After many hours slaving away out of the sunshine, in the heat of the kitchen, to the dulcet tones of Ozzy Osborne (amongst others), my stock for Saturday is done!


This weekend I’ll be selling Plain and Sundried Tomato flavour, which were bothvery popular last month. Additionally I’ll be trialing a new flavour….  *queue drumroll* ……


Garlic and Herb  flavour! (Ta, Karen! Just cos you said)
They’ll be the same price per packet as the Sundried Tomato (£1.20) while the Plainwill be £1.10.
Market is Saturday, 10am to 12.30pm at Dalry Town Hall.

EDIT: I typo’d the price of the Plain Oatcakes. I have fixed it now. It should have been £1.10 to begin with.

Farmers Market again!


So, tomorrow I begin my preparations for the Farmers Market this weekend.  Quite excited this time, and less anxious as I’ve had so much great feedback.
I’ve been secretly working away on recipes; tweaking some of the basics and experimenting with new flavours.  Only one made the grade so far, although there are others with promise. I’ll be adding it to the roster for Saturday, but you’ll all have to wait a bit yet to find out what flavour it is!