Gingerbread, oatcakes and Elderberry wine


Sounds like a delicious selection to take on a picnic. It’s certainly been picnic weather, quite surprisingly.

I have been busy in the kitchen again, testing out Vegan gingerbread to see how it goes. 

Elderberry wine steeping and applesauce cooked

We went picking brambles and elderberries the other day, so this morning I put them on to boil with sugar ahead of straining the juice for wine. Then I made up a batch of applesauce with apples from the garden. 

Sun-dried tomato oatcake mix

I have a guitar workshop tomorrow, so I decided to make my personal favourite flavour of oatcakes for it, sun-dried tomato. Mmm.

Both doughs together.

I made up the gingerbread mix next, while the oatcake dough “rested”. I’m trying to see how replacing the eggs with applesauce works with an old favourite recipe of mine from our bread machine cookbook. I used white spelt flour too, and lots of grated ginger. It smelled delicious in the oven.

The joys of having a double oven. Everything on to cool at once.

I left the gingerbread in the tin for ten minutes before taking it out. It helps to keep it sticky and moist.

Et voilà!

Mmm. Pudding! Looks like it came out pretty well!

#Homebaked yumminess for #FarmersMarket


Yep, that time of the month again! Yesterday afternoon I baked my Plain oatcakes, so today was the turn of the Garlic and Herb ones. 

Ingredients all gathered!

The best smelling dough by miles. Mmmm

First couple of batches cooling with you the box of Plain.

All done.

I have only sampled one, but it was delicious. Next step is to box them up once they are cool to let them settle for a day or two. Packaging on Friday night!

See you Saturday. There will also be cake! 

Just a bit like this! Mmm, vegan chocolate fudge cake.

Farmer’s Market again


So it was market day again today. I missed the last one, I think because of post #brexit blues, but tried to make up for it today by trialling my Chocolate Fudge cake. I’ve worked on the recipe and I’m pretty pleased with the result.

Every last bit of that sold,  so I shall declare that a winner. 

The stall looked rather nice today. The cake was quite as eye catcher, so definitely worth it. I may consider taking orders for whole cakes for resale, feel free to contact me  via my Facebook page if you are interested. 

The oatcakes also sold well again. there’s only a small supply left at Wright’s shop, so be sure to grab them quick if you missed the market today! 



I detailed earlier in the year the experimental method I was trying with my tomatoes and peppers. While the peppers don’t seem to have liked it so much, the tomatoes are having a field day with it!

Sticks with tomatoes!

Gold and red all giein it laldy!

The best bunch!

Bath carrots also thriving!

Vegan pesto


Have guests over tonight,  so I made up a batch of Pesto up. I added hemp seed to this for the Omega oils.

Ingredients :

1 30g pack of fresh basil leaves
3 cloves of Garlic
10 g hemp seeds
150g pine nuts
45g flaked almonds
45g pumpkin seeds
175ml olive oil
1tbsp lemon juice
Salt and pepper to taste

Blitz the basil, garlic and hemp seeds first in a blender, then once well mixed, start adding the other ingredients in small batches. Continue to blitz until most of the ingredients are well blended together. I like to leave a portion of the pine nuts to last so there are a few roughly chopped pieces throught it for a satisfying texture .

Massacre of the Innocents


Many years ago I was helping a local lady in her house and couldn’t help noticing her tomato plants. They were heavily laden with beautiful, fat tomatoes,  but the rest of the plants were cut back to the quick almost, with a wee sprouting of leaves at the top and a single stem to support them. I had to ask her about them as I’d just started trying to grow my own tomatoes. She explained to me that the leaves and the side shoots steal growing energy from the fruit, so it’s important to prune them off if you want to get plentiful fruit. She also explained that you need to start pruning once the second truss of flowers appears. I applied it to my own tomatoes and we got a magnificent crop, so I’ve followed her advice every year since.
Today was the first day of pruning for the year, and it always makes me feel like I’m being utterly savage with my poor wee plants.





We also fed them for the first time today to make up for the savaging. It’ll need doing every two weeks until they are done flowering.  I’m going to soak the clippings to turn them into plant food, which is also a bit savage,  but it will return the goodness the side shoots and leaves stole from the baby tomatoes. 

Tipsy red fruit salad


Mmm, whisky and Raspberries! Scottish as ocht!

After having creamy pasta earlier because I found the recipe again on my blog, I decided to round dinner off with my favourite way of having Raspberries.  Since there were also some gorgeous Angus Strawberries in the fridge I threw them together. I’m calling this tipsy because of the whisky, which I like to add along with local honey (not mass produced!  I use Urr Valley which comes from 10 miles away) to give them a flavour like in a Cranachan. The honey can easily be switched with maple syrup or agave, although both come all the way from the Americas so aren’t terribly carbon conscious here in Scotland.  Anyway, here’s the ingredient list for one portion!

20g Strawberries
20g Raspberries
1 teaspoon local honey

1 teaspoon blended Scottish Whisky

Chop the fruit, pour on honey and whisky, stir and eat!
Sometimes I also add a sprinkle of pinhead oatmeal.